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Due to its unique texture and curing properties, painstakingly detailed nail art techniques can easily be achieved with BIO SCULPTURE products.

Mix It Up!

Using a combination of the EVO Mood Colour changing gels and EVO Iron Lady colours Misty, Skyler and Atlanna, you can create simple, yet fun and fascinating looks. This design will keep your clients entertained all day…

Encapsulated Nail Art

Combine a selection of glitters, gems, studs, dried flowers, gels etc. to create unique and interesting designs within a glasslike matrix, giving a two-dimensional look.

French Ombré

Otherwise known as Baby Boomer nails have been a must-have look over the past few years, showing popular amongst brides and clients who like a more natural, simple and sophisticated look. Create a flawless ombre using Bio Sculpture’s HP Gels and Puffers.

It’s all about the BLING

Bling can add that WOW factor to any set of nails. Who doesn’t love some sparkle…? We know we do! Add gems to your nail art designs to add that extra glam and get people’s heads turning.

*Tip: Ensure that the EVO Flex droplet hugs the gem to keep it secure… no need for a Top Coat.

We are obsessed with Threading Gel

Drape the nails with a variety of threading gel colours to create nail art designs with the finest of lines which is not possible freehandedly. A few strands here and there, and your nails are transformed into a work of art. There are so many ways to use it, let your imagination run wild.

It is all about the perfect French

French with a twist is always a winning look. Combine your traditional French smile line with a French Ombré look for something unique and elegant. For a perfect smile line use our new and amazing French Stencils. French has never been so easy.

3D BI-OLYGEL Flower Art

3D Nail art is in demand and requested daily by clients. With the launch of BI-OLYGEL, 3D nail art is something that can easily be achieved using BI-OLYGEL Frost.

*Tip: Decant a small amount of BI-OLYGEL Frost onto a metal plate. Using a selected colour of HP Gel, mix a small amount into the BI-OLYGEL Frost to change the colour.

Funky Matte Nail Designs

The velvet like texture of the EVO Suede Matte Top Coat can make anyone fall in love with it. Not only does it feel amazing to the touch, but it also looks amazing.

Fine Art Brush Alert!

Try out our Fine Art Brush to create amazing intricate freehand designs. Nail Art has never been so fun and exciting to create. Let those creative juices flow, the sky is the limit.

Fun with Foils

Add Foils to add a unique twist to any set of nails. Use it on its own or combined with any nail art technique. It is a great technique to use when you don’t have much time to play, it is quick, easy and oh so effective.

Did someone say SWIRLS???

Never before could detail like this be achieved, but it can with the Fine Art Brush and Bio Sculptures Dotting Tool. Use both together to create red carpet-worthy designs.

Aztec design with glitter finish

Be inspired by tribal prints with a combination of polka dots, chevrons, stripes and more – looking graciously graphic, extremely stylish and elegant at the same time.

Striping tape fun

Give your overlays that extra pop and shine with striping tape. Your nail art designs are guaranteed to be noticed.

Chrome Catalyst

Use a combination of EVO Chrome Catalyst and effect powders to create chrome and holographic looks for a natural high shine finish. This will give your overlays that extra bit of magic.

White Screed

Why blend in when you were born to STAND OUT? Using White Screed as top surface nail art is sure to do just that and get those designs noticed by all around.

Character nail art

“It is kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney.  Everyone starts somewhere. Step out of your comfort zone and try some nail art you didn’t think you’d be able to do and you will surprise yourself… Never give up. Practise makes perfect.

Vertical Ombré

Did you know Ombré is the French word for colour that is shaded or graduated in tone. So, get those nail brushes speaking French and challenge yourself to a beautiful vertical Ombré design. You will be Ombré fluent in no time.

Did someone say texture?

Why stick to traditional flat art with a smooth finish? Add some finesse to your nail art creations by adding top surface gems, textured glitter and Pretty Gritty gels to create an exceptional look and feel, leaving your clients wanting more.

Fashion, by definition, changes constantly. Today the rate of change is more rapid due to modern communication channels that allow information to be dispersed almost instantly. Fashion houses, fashion designers and celebrities influence the rate and direction of change constantly. Everything is forever-changing. This is what makes the fashion industry such a dynamic and exhilarating environment, but highly competitive at the same time. To succeed, you always need to be a step ahead! Always ensure that you stay updated with the latest trends. Adjust the nail art techniques you implement to suit the latest fashion trends regarding colour combinations, shapes, patterns and themes. In the dynamic world of art, each nail technician’s work is different and unique. Make your mark!